Teaching is tough. Let us help.

Being a modern day teacher is tough. Organization is seemingly impossible, and finding teaching materials aligned to the TEKS is just as hard.

TeachTag helps to solve both of these problems. Teachers can store their teaching resources, organize those resources, and discover new resources uploaded by other educators all in one location.

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Store your teaching resources in the cloud

Many teachers have years and years worth of teaching resources stored everywhere from filing cabinets, to jump drives, to cloud storage websites. Not to mention the difficulty of keeping track of all of the great websites throughout the internet.

With TeachTag, teachers can store their own files, such as Word documents, PowerPoints, spreadsheets, PDFs, and much more, all in one location. Teachers can even store their favorite educational websites!

Finally, all of a teacher's most precious resources, available in one place, accessible from any device.

Organize your teaching materials by the TEKS

What good is storage without organization? When teachers sign up for TeachTag, we automatically populate the TEKS for every subject and grade level they teach. Teachers can then go in and organize all of their resources by each specific class they teach, and even by each individual standard!

Everything from videos, to assessments, to homework, can be stored in one location and easily searched by subject, grade level, and standard!


Discover and share classroom activities with other educators

The best part of TeachTag is that we allow teachers to discover and share content with other educators across the state of Texas. Teachers can share the awesome YouTube® video they found, or the lesson they created themselves. Teachers have the ability to choose whether to share the content or keep it private.

Vetted and curated content by education specialists

The internet is crowded with teaching materials, so we're set on ensuring the content found on TeachTag is the cream of the crop. We've hired education specialists in each of the core subject areas to vet the content loaded to our site.

Tags that have been vetted by our education specialists have been given the TeachTag Checkmark to designate that the content supports, meets, or exceeds the corresponding TEKS standard.


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