TeachTag Helps Teachers Get Organized

We help teachers get organized by giving them one place to store their personal files, their district-provided files, and their favorite internet links, all in one location. Everything is organized by subject, grade level, and most importantly, TEKS standards for easy discoverability.


Organize All of Your Files, Documents, and Links In One Place

Many teachers have years and years worth of teaching resources stored everywhere from filing cabinets, to jump drives, to cloud storage websites. Not to mention the difficulty of keeping track of all of the great websites throughout the internet.

With TeachTag, teachers can store their own files, such as Word documents, PowerPoints, spreadsheets, PDFs, and much more, all in one location. Teachers can even store their favorite educational websites!

Finally, all of a teacher's most precious resources, available in one place, accessible from any device.

Organize by Class and TEKS Standard

Not only are all of your teaching resources stored in one place, they are also automatically organized by subject, grade level, and TEKS standard for easy discoverability!

No longer will you have to search in folders or your bookmarks for that activity you found - simply click on the class and standard you are teaching and all of your saved resources are available at your fingertips.

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