Why TeachTag?

TeachTag is a free service to help teachers discover, share, and organize teaching resources aligned to the TEKS. Teachers all over Texas are using TeachTag right now, so what are you waiting for?

Get Organized

We help teachers get organized by giving them one place to store their personal files, their district-provided files, and their favorite internet links, all in one location. Everything is organized by subject, grade level, and most importantly, TEKS standards for easy discoverability.

Discover Teaching Resources

The internet is full of teaching resources, but it's a pain to sort through all of the junk on dozens of sites. TeachTag helps teachers discover content easily - simply input the subjects and grade levels you teach, and all content is filtered automatically.

Vetted Content by Education Experts

How much of teaching resources you find online are good, and how many are aligned to the TEKS? TeachTag has hired education experts to go through the content uploaded to our site and verify whether or not that content is aligned to the TEKS. You can rest assured that content loaded to our site with the TeachTag Quality Check has been verified to support, meet, or exceed the TEKS standards.

Aligned to TEKS

For better or for worse, we know how important the STAAR assessments and TEKS are to modern day teaching in Texas. With TeachTag, you can organize all of your existing content, as well as discover new content by each and every individual TEKS standard that you teach.

Educator Built

TeachTag was built by educators, for educators. We are ever-evolving our product based on feedback from teachers to ensure that we are the best and easiest-to-use product used in the classroom.

First-class Support

Support is of utmost importance to us at TeachTag. We provide free support via phone, email, and chat, as well as follow up with your teachers and administrators to ensure they are taking full advantage of our product. We also offer in-house demos by request.

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